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NEW YORK. During my service in the past half year at the surgical clinic in Breslau I have had the oppor- tunity buy generic abilify online frequently to assist Dr. Sauerbruch in his recent experiments with the pneumatic cabinet, and have had ample chance to observe its practical work- ing. In the Zentralblatt fi'ir Chinirgie No. 4, 1905, Sauerbruch has published a preliminary communi- cation regarding certain operative methods rendered possible by his negative pressure chamber, and it abilify order online is of these that I desire to write. After the possibility of successful employment of the cabinet had become established, the first and most interesting question to be solved was the feasi- bility of bringing the intrathoracic portion of the oesophagus into the domain of modern surgery. This was attempted in Breslau both on animals and man, but with unsuccessful results. The diffi- culty of the oesophageal suture and the suscepti- bility of the pleura to infection were not diminished by the cabinet and the chances of successful opera- tion upon the oesophagus at first appeared exceed- ingly slight. Only during the abilify prescription coupon last three months, after untiring experimenting and endless modification of his op- erative technique has Sauerbruch been more suc- cessful. Indeed, in the past quarter of buy abilify 5mg online a year he has positively demonstrated, buy abilify online canada buy 20 mg abilify online at least experimentally, that the intrathoracic portion of the cesophagus can be successfully operated upon by the transthoracic route. order generic abilify He has proved that such operations, includ- ing resection, are not only feasible, but even simple and comparatively harmless. The theory of the subject and the almost obvious fact of the superiority of his method are clearly shown by Sauerbruch in several earlier publica- tions, but more especially and at length in the Mit- teilungen aiis den Grensgcbieten der Medizin und Chinirgie, Vol. XIII, No. 3, 1904. The cabinet is built of glass and iron and capable of being rendered air tight. The size is about 14 cubic metres, allowing ample room buy abilify online no prescription for patient, op- erator, and, if necessary, can i buy abilify online three or four assistants. The negative pressure is produced by means of an electric suction pump and the density of the atmos- phere is controlled by a water valve in connection with a buy 2mg abilify online mercurial manometer. A reserve hand pump excludes the possibility of accident due to chance failure of the working of the electric motor. An opening at one end permits the head of the patient to be free and a rubber collar around the neck of the patient is a simple device to prevent leakage of no prescription abilify air. The anaesthesia is given from without. There is also an appliance whereby all parts but the thorax of the patient can be kept at normal abilify mg size atmospheric pressure, thereby avoiding venous stasis ; in experi- ments upon animals, however, this arrangement has been found superfluous. By means of a two door system people can enter and leave the cabinet, without altering the pressure. The illumination is electric and the connection with the outside world is by means of a telephone. Aside from a slight feeling of tension in order abilify online canada the ears, which rapidly abilify order canada disappears and which can be pre- vented if the exhaustion is not too rapid, the people in the cabinet experience absolutely no disagreeable symptoms. As remarked, all the operations abilify prescription program were done in this new cabinet under a negative pressure of 10 to 12 mm. of mercury. This permitted absolutely safe operation so far as the question abilify mg of pneumo- thorax was concerned. As buy abilify online a matter of fact, this danger no longer enters into consideration. Dogs exclusively were used for the experiments. can you buy abilify online The opening in the chest was made by means of an intercostal incision, originally proposed by v. Miku- licz at the last German Surgical Congress. Accord- ing to Sauerbruch, the three main factors of es- pecial importance in the surgical work on the oesophagus are : (i) order abilify no prescription Strict asepsis ; (2) substitution of the Murphy button for the suture; (3) rapid production of adhesions by means of some such substance as Lugol's solution. I might add, (4) the relieving of tension on the operated oesophagus by lodging a part of the stomach in the pleural cavity. Two operations have been carried out with par- ticular success, namely, oesophagogastrostomy, or anastomosis between the oesophagus and stomach, and resection of the intrathoracic portion of the oesophagus. I shall briefly outline both operations, drawing freely from Sauerbruch's original descrip- tion. CEsophagogastrostomy. — The left pleural cavity is opened in the fifth intercostal space. After sys- tematically incising skin, fascia, and muscle layers, the pleura is caught with a forceps and opened with

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