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positively believe that such indications do ^xist. What I Order Acticin Online especially desire to emphasize, however, is that the practicability of extensive surgical work upon the cesophagus has become an established fact, without specifically referring to a definite applica- tion of these methods. More Acticin Cream than this, the experi- ments show what can be Purchase Acticin done in the cabinet and, when one remembers that it is considerably less than a year that the new cabinet has been in working order, it requires no great imagination to conceive of the. enormous possibilities that have been opened by the Sauerbruch system, not only as regards oesophageal work, but also in the domain of the surgery of the lung itself, the pleura, ribs, media- stinum, and diaphragm. 228 West One Hundred and Thirty-eighth Street. Medical Society of Northern Virginia. — A meeting of several physicians and surgeons was held on May 17th in Alexandria. Va., when an cn-ganization was effected, to be known as the Acticin Price Buy Acticin Online Medical Society of Northern Virginia. The fol- lowing officers were elected for the ensuing year: President. Dr. R. M. Slaughter, of Fairfax county; vice-presidents. Dr. G. T. Vaughan, of Washing- ton, and Dr. M. W. O'Brien, of Alexandria; sec- Buy Acticin retary and treasurer. Dr. A. A. Rittenour, of Alex- andria. The next meeting of the society will be held in November in Alexandria. A CASE OF TRAUMATIC APHASIA. By CHARLES PHELPS, M. D., NEW YORK. The comparative infrequency of traumatic dis- turbance of speech, and the uncertainty which often exists Purchase Acticin Online as to its effective lesion, give some special interest to cases like the one which fol- lows : The patient, a lad 13 years of age, was struck upon the head by a brick thrown from a consider- able height. He was at once admitted to the hos- pital, and after operation two hours later was found to have a compound depressed fracture of the vertex, fissured anteriorly and posteriorly, with one anterior fissure extending into the left middle basic fossa. His temperature on admission was 99° ; pulse, 96, and respiration, 28. Order Acticin He was conscious, his mental condition was normal, and he had no general symptoms. Later he vomited undigested food and slept heavily. On the sec- ond, third, and fourth days his temperature varied from 99.8° to 1004°, and his pulse from 90 to no, and there was still no sign of mental or physical disturbance. An ophthalmic examination made by Dr. Callan disclosed a slight descending neu- ritis in either eye. At seven o'clock in the even- ing of the fifth day his temperature Acticin Permethrin Cream was 99.8°, his pulse w-as 84, and no symptoms had developed. At nine o'clock it was discovered that he was un- able to name what he desired — a drink — though he possessed otherwise the power of voluntary speech, and there was no other apparent change in his condition. On the following morning care- ful examination discovered no symptoms except the disturbance of speech. He had no paralysis or areas Generic Acticin of anaesthesia, the reflexes were normal, control of the sphincters was retained, and the special senses were unimpaired. The right pupil was moderately dilated. The temperature through the day was 99.8° to 101°, and the pulse from 80 to TOO. His mental condition was alert and intelligent. He understood speech and mu- sical tones, as well as printed and written words, could call to mind Acticin Cream 5 objects named, could compre- hend simple gestures, and had some power of speech, which progressively diminished through the day. On the other hand, he had total sensory anomia — auditory, visual, tactile, gustatory, and olfactory. He recognized various objects — pen- cil, paper, orange, salt, sugar, castor oil, etc. — by the several senses, but could give to none a name. This condition was determined by getting nega- tive responses as long as wrong names were sug- gested, and immediate recognition of the right ones. He could write neither voluntarily nor at dictation. In the morning he could copy fairly well, but only a single word in the afternoon. He could read aloud neither writ- ten nor printed words. On the seventh day his general condi- tion remained normal ; tem- perature, 99.8° Buy Cheap Acticin ; pulse, 80. His speech disturbances were unchanged except that his -Autograph I period of

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