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Smallpox 1 Chickenpox 113 .. 141 Tuberculosis 393 142 470 163 Typhoid fever 38 4 Atorvastatin Brand Names 32 4 Cerebrospinal meningitis 71 60 76 60 1.813 264 2.116 287 The German Hospital Training School, of Brooklyn, graduated the following nurses on June 1st: Catherine Vettel, Mary Bryan, Helen Louise Muehlich, Marie Track, Ella Teresa Seaman, Catherine Dorothea Fredericka Ruehs, and May Smith. Queens-Nassau Medical Society. — At the an- Atorvastatin Ca nual meeting of the Queens-Nassau Medical So- ciety, held at the Nassau County Court House, Mineola, on June ist, Dr. William J. Burnett, of Long Island City, was elected president and Dr. William Irving Barnes, of Oyster Bay, vice- president. Atorvastatin Calcium Generic Manhattan State Hospital. — The eighth annual graduation exercises of the training school for nurses of this institution were held at Ward's Is- land, New York city, Wednesday, June 7th, at 4 p. m., with the following programme : Overture, orchestra Discount Atorvastatin ; invocation, by the Reverend Rufus Duff, hospital chaplain ; address, by the Honorable John C. Coleman ; march, orchestra ; address, by the Honorable Homer Folks ; presentation of di- plomas ; waltz, orchestra; address, by the Rever- end Thomas J. Campbell, S. J.; benediction, by the Reverend Alfred Blewitt, hospital chaplain ; march, orchestra. A New Downtown Emergency Hospital. — Within the next week a new hospital will be es- tablished in the downtown district that will re- lieve the congestion of the Hudson Street Hos- pital in cases of emergency. The House of Re- lief is to be Atorvastatin Calcium 10 Mg located at 93 Gold Street, in the Print- ing House Atorvastatin Fenofibrate Square district. The hospital Atorvastatin Vs Rosuvastatin was to have been opened earlier, but the work was de- layed so that it will be Sandoz Atorvastatin another week before pa- tients will be received. The new hospital will take in a district from which all accidents are now taken care of by Hudson Street Hospital. Here- after the new House of Relief will care for those who are injured along Newspaper Row and at the Brooklyn Bridge entrance. The Medical Association of the Greater City •of New York. — A stated meeting of this associa- tion will be held at the New York Academy of Medicine, on Monday, June 12, 1905. at 8.30 p. m. Order of exercises : Report of the Committee on the Death of Dr. John H. Hinton, by Dr. Ransford E. Van Gieson, chairman : discussion on Hyper- trophy Rosuvastatin Vs Atorvastatin of the Prostate and Its Treatment, to be Atorvastatin Generic Availability opened by Dr. Lewis S. Pilcher ; Perineal Pros- tatectomy by an Original Technique, with Illus- trations, by Dr. Parker Syms ; discussion contin- ued by Dr. Carl Teva Atorvastatin Beck, Dr. Willy Meyer, Dr. Ra- mon Guiteras, Dr. Eugene Fuller, Dr. Robert Holmes Greene, Dr. Joseph Wiener, Jr., Dr. James Pedersen, and Dr. William Bedford Brown. J. Lee Morrill, M. D., treasurer, 67 East Seventy-ninth Street : P. Brynberg Porter, M. D., Atorvastatin Spc recording secretary, 150 West Eightv-fourth Street. Long Island College Hospital. — This institu- tion graduated the following on June ist; Frederick M. Albers, Horace G. Baldwin, Oscar Best, Charles F. Atorvastatin Canada Baxter, Albert W. Beck, David T. Bishop, Sieg- fried Block, George E. Borden, Robert O. Brockway, Henry W. Brody, Jacob L. Brower, Julius Cohn, Edward T. Cur- ran, William T. Doran, George Atorvastatin Trials M. Dunaif, Willis J. Evans, Israel Feigenofl, John D. Freitag, Jr., Joseph Friedmann, Edward H. Gershenson, Charles Atorvastatin Ppt Ginsberg, Isaac E. Gluck- nian, Joseph W. Goldsmith, Henry Goodman, Louis Harris, George H. Hicks, Jr., Moses M. Housepian, A. B., Frank W. Hover, Robert Y. Hubbard, Charles Hyman. Samuel M. Hyman, Gerald Kasper, Ph. G., Henry B. Kessler, Hy- man Kleban, Benjamin Kleinberg, Charles Klyde, Herman Levinsohn, Ph. G., George R. Lewis, William E. Lippold, David Livingstone, John P. Lynch. Morris W. Mootnick, Alexander Nechamkin, Alfred H. Parsons, A. B., Julius Phillips, Edward Precht, Charles Reigod, William Rex, Ph. G., Henry U. Robinson, William H. Rogers, Jr.. Ph. Atorvastatin Pharmacokinetics G., Samuel Rosenberg, Jacob Rosenbluth, Simon Atorvastatin And Fenofibrate Rothenberg, Irvine J. Russell, Aaron Samuelson. Harry Schneider, Fred- erick Schroeder, Jr., Ph. G., Adolf I. Schwartz. B. L., B. S., Maurice Schwartz, Martin J. Sgier, Max Slutsky, Joseph W. Stevens, Frank Stockman. Alec N. Thomson, Claude H. Topping, Arthur S. Unger, Theodore L. Vos- seler. Ph. G., Egbert H. P. Ward, Atorvastatin Tablets Ip 10 Mg A. B., Cassius H. Wat- Atorvastatin Calcium Tablets son, B. S., Daniel D. Whedon, Fred R. Williams, Jean F. Wolfs. Frederick J. Schweigart receives a certificate and

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