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Fellowship Foundation for Jefferson College. ^Dr. W. W. Keen, professor of surgery in the Jefferson Medical College, has presented $5,000 to the trustees of the college to found a memorial to his wife, to be known as the Corinna Borden Keen Research Fellowship. Whenever the ac- cumulated income of the principal is $500 it Avanafil Buy is to be awarded to a graduate of Jefferson College, who has graduated Order Avandia not less than one year or more than ten years before, who shall apply it to the expenses of original research approved by the faculty. It is expected Buy Avandia Online that the first award will be made in 1907. Jewish Hospital Training School. — The com- mencement exercises of the Jewish Hospital Training School for Avandia Online Nurses were held at the hos- pital on the Purchase Avandia evening of May 30th. The following j'oung women received the diplomas of the school : Miss Rebecca Lipschutz, Miss Buy Avandia Gertrude Payton, Miss Clara M. Collins, Miss Olivia O. Oakey, Miss Olga Schoet- tle. Miss E. M. Henning, Miss Avandia Cost Ray Kotinsky, Miss Clara Sanderson, Miss R. Blumstein, Miss Lolo F. Krout. The Matilda Kaufman gold medal was awarded to Miss Rebecca Lipschutz for the highest gen- Avandia Price eral average. A special prize of $55.00 was awarded Purchase Avandia Online to Miss Gertrude Payton for having re- ceived the highest average in practical nursing. Dr. Bernard Kohn delivered the address. The Health of the City. — During the week Avandia Canada end- ing May 27, 1905, the following cases Cheap Avandia of trans- missible diseases were reported to the bureau of health : Cases. Dealbs. Malarial fever 1 Typhoid fever 102 13 Scarlet fever 37 1 Chiclsenpoi 59 Diphtheria 69 7 Cerebrospinal meningitis 6 1 Measles 61 1 Whooping cough 32 2 Tuberculosis of the lungs 28 56 Pneumonia 31 Avandia 8 Mg 37 Erysipelas 6 2 Puerperal fever 2 1 Tetanus 1 1 The following deaths were reported Avandia Tablets from other transmissible diseases : Tuberculosis, other than tuberculosis of the lungs, ii; diarrhoea and en- teritis under two years, 20. The total deaths were 400, in an estimated population of 1,438,318, corresponding to an annual death rate of 14.46 per 1,000 population. The total infant mortality was 79 ; under one )'ear, 62 ; between one and two years, 17. There were 30 still births; 13 males and 17 females. No Avandia 4 Mg unusual meteorological phe- nomena were reported by the weather bureau. Avandia Mg Concerning Physicians' Fees.— Generic Avandia On the evening of May 26th, the Philadelphia County Medical Society, the Chester County Medical Society, and the Delaware County ]\Iedical Society held a joint meeting at the College of Physicians, which was addressed by Dr. J. N. McCormack, of Bow- ling Green, Ky., chairman of the organization committee of the American Medical Association. This joint meeting was held in pursuance of a resolution of the State Medical Society directing the censorial districts Buy Cheap Avandia to Order Avandia Online Buy Avanafil hold at least one meeting yearly, at which the societies forming those dis- tricts should meet together. In the course of his reiTiarks Dr. McCormack said that physicians in Pennsylvania received less compensation for their services than those in any other section of the country. He advised the physicians in the first censorial district of Pennsylvania to unite in an endeavor to have their services more ade- quately compensated. In Philadelphia many phy- iiSo NEIVS ITEMS.

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