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sicians gave office advice for fifty cents, and made visits avapro 10 mg to the patients' homes for one dollar. Many practitioners attended obstetric cases for avapro vs diovan ten dol- lars. Such fees he ventured to consider absurd compensation for the service rendered. The mul- tiplication of free dispensaries and the competi- tion of the large number of physicians for prac- tice tended to keep fees down to these figures. He was mindful of the saying that the physician should practise his profession for the good of hu- manity avapro cost and not for mere dollars and cents. Among the avapro coupon first duties of the physician, however, was that to his family ; to keep them from want during his life and after his death ; and that to himself, to provide for his own mental equipment so that his advice might be of the best. On fees such as had been mentioned as illustrations these two objects could scarcely be accomplished. We should like to see Dr. McCormack's views as to the adoption of a uniform scale of fees prevail. Jefferson Medical College Commencement. — The eightieth annual commencement of the Jef- ferson ]Medical College was held in the Academy avapro price of Music on June avapro avalide 2nd. The avapro 75 mg occasion was marked by the presentation of a portrait of himself to Dr. William S. Forbes, professor of anatomy, by the four classes. The presentation speech was made by Dr. Addinell Hewson. Dr. Forbes was also order avapro online presented with a silver loving cup by the Medi- cal Alumni Association of the University of Penn- sylvania in recognition of Dr. Forbes's services in securing the passage of the anatomical acts of 1867. Dr. George A. Piersol, professor of anat- omy in the University of Pennsylvania, made the presentation speech. The degree of M. D. was conferred upon the following candidates by the president of the trustees. William Potter : Frank Cook Abbott, John Walter Barr, Lawrence F. Berry, Joseph Walter Beyer, Joseph Albert Biello, James C. Borland. Guy A. Brandberg, ."Krthur J. Brewe, Charles P. Bryant, John L. Burkholder, Charles C. Cooner, Frank T. Davis, Jr., Frederick M. Davenport, Seward R. Davison, Robert T. Donnelly, George F. Doyle, Harrison A. Dunn, Edward A. Eichman, Gilbert A. Ferguson, George T. Fluke, Howard G. Fortner, Edgar N. Fought, Samuel Frieden- burg, Malcolm Z. Gearhart, avapro tablet William H. Glick, Dayne H. Griffith, John Parker Harley, Charles Garfield Hayes, Louis Benjamin Heimer. William C. Heisey, Daniel W. Henry, John Daniel Hogue, John Robinson Hoskins. Henry O. Jones. Ralph Chester Kell, Frederick W. Killian, Guy A. Knight, Parrv B. Larimer, Charles A. Lehman, Charles E. Lerch, Alfred A. Luhr, C. H. McCallmn, John M. avapro generic alternative Mc- Canna, Samuel L. McCarthy, Robert P. McCreadv, Francis J. McCullough, WiHiam J. L. McCullough. Ralph W. Mc- Dowell, William B. McKenna. Lloyd Russell Mace, James P. McFarlane, James Carre Magee, Ernest George Maier, Lorenzo F. Milliken, Irvin R. Mohney, Thomas A. Mona- han, Edward L. INIorrison, Charles C. Moyar, H. J. E. Newnam, Alex J. Orenstein, Thomas C. Park, Alex B. Raff, Victor 'M. Reynolds. avapro coupons Edward E. Rhoads, William Fay Ross, John Timothy Ryan, LeRoy H. Saxe, Herbert N. Scheetz, Emil S. Schneider, Louis avapro discount card Schwartz, George Harvey Severs, Thomas Emmet Shea, George Siggins, John Reid Simp- son. Frank C. Smathers, Samuel Calvin Smith, Wayne L. Snyder, George Sonneborn, George Sigars Spence, James N. Stanton, Samuel Stern, Harrv M. Stewart, Francis X. Strong, Richard F. Taylor, Perry McD. Tibbins, Vere Treichler, Edward M. Vaughan, Isaac R. Vincent, Victor C. Wagner, Raymond K Weber, Mark Dye Weed, Julius Leon Werner, John Joseph Wiley, Ernst T. Williams, Thomas L. Williams. John D. Wilson, William J. Winters, James W. Wood. Roy Lowry Young, of Pennsylvania ; .A,lbert E. Austin. Maximilian D. Bloomfield, Daniel F. Clancv, Edward Cooper, Francis .A.. Cregg, Fred O. Elder, Clark B. Holbrook, Harold M. Howard, avapro classification Hugh E. McCaf- frey, Elmer W. Mitchell, Thomas J. Norton, avapro recall avapro generic name Timothy D. Sullivan. Stephen E. Vosburg, of Massachusetts ; Theo- philus H. Boysen. Jr., Warren T. Clark, Abraham P. Fish- man, Thomas B. Lee, Harry E. Lore, Egbert G. ^Mackenzie, William A. Robinson, James H. Underwood, Walter F. Wood, of New Jersey ; Morris M. Caldwell, Major I. Flem- ing, James H. Harper, Henry H. Harrison, Livingston F. Johnson, Arthur T. losartan vs avapro Pritchard, Arthur E. Shaw, Samuel L. order avapro Stringfield, of North Carolina ; Halsey S. Bramble. Tello J. d'Apery, Alexander Eisenstadt, William H. Ferrier, Ed- ward S. Pope, George A. Riker, Herbert W. Thomssen, of New York; Charles G. Alderman, buy cheap avapro John N. Eyanson, Sam- uel A. Mumford, James J. Stanton, Garette Van Sweringen, of Indiana; Clarence F. Bernatz, William F. Brown, Earl C. Carhardt, Charles R. Garrett, Lindus La Rell Riggs, of Iowa : Frank A. Ewers, Charles D. Gamble. Levi A. Ruhl, Edison B. Starr, of Ohio; Walter W. Ellis, Horace E. Evans, Edward M. Vaughan, of Delaware ; Ferdinand P. Herft. Rice R. Jackson, Thomas E. Williams, of Texas ; Harry B. Hanchett, William H. Tallmadgc, Jr., of Con- necticut; Harley J. Hallett, William H. Nix, of Illinois; Robinson Bosworth, Charles A. Riley, of Vermont; Benja- min F. Shuttleworth, avapro alternatives Gabriel F. Tucker, of West Virginia ; Ray C. Brown, of Maine; Oliver J. Miller, of Florida; Jesse L. Rains, of Idaho ; Sterling P. Rumph, of Indian Terri- tory ; John G. Abbott, of Minnesota; Noel C. Womack, of Mississippi; Sidney A. Cooney, of Montana; Charles H. Harmon, of New Hampshire; Fred Jay Ziegler, of Oregon; Howard E. Blanchard, of Rhode Island; Hugh B. Sprague, of Utah ; Charles C. Warner, of Washington ; Howard Mc-

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