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THE LIBERATION OF FORMALDEHYDE. New York, May 17, 1905. To the Editor, Sir: We notice cleocin topical solution in your issue of May 13th an abstract of a report by Henry V. Walker, of the Brooklyn Health Department, on A Simple Meth- od of Generating Formaldehyde Gas, describing a process in which formalin is vaporized cleocin 2 by chem- ical heat, i. e., by cleocin iv the admixture of aluminum sul- phate and slaking lime. In this connection per- mit us to call your attention to the fact that this method is covered by United States Patent No. 665,794, dated January 8, 1901, taken out by the Schering Chemical Works, for which application was made as long ago as June 9, 1899. The fol- lowing are the claims secured by this patent : 1. The herein described process of evolving disinfecting vapors, which consists in mixing for- maldehyde, water, and a body evolving heat in contact with water, in such quantities as will pro- duce sufficient heat to evolve vapors, substan- tially as specified. 2. The cleocin t pads herein described process of evolving disinfecting vapors, which consists in adding burnt lime to a watery solution of formaldehyde, in such quantities as to evolve vapors, substan- cleocin 100 mg tially as set forth. Schering and Glatz. ^rof wirings cleocin 900 mg oi Somtbs. OBSTETRICAL SOCIETY OF PHILA- DELPHIA. Meeting of Thursday, April 6, ipo^. The cleocin topical gel President, Dr. Richard C. cleocin antibiotic Norris, in the chair. Some Results in Abdominal Surgery. — Dr. George Eretv Shoemaker presented this paper. He said that in a series of one hundred abdominal cases as they had cleocin phosphate presented themselves at the Presbyterian Hospital in ward and private work, there had been five deaths, two of them inevitable. Of these patients, one was actually dying of gen- eral purulent peritonitis, and the abdomen was rapidly incised to liberate pus as a forlorn hope. In the other case of inevitable death, the patient had at the time of operation gangrene and sup- puration of several feet of small intestine. One of the others was in the sixth week of an acute attack of chronic recurrent appendicitis. One death followed a severe operation for large tubal and ovarian abscesses and a pelvic pus collection which had at various times previously drained into the bowel. One death occurred unexpectedly in a chronic pelvic inflammation case. Of the ninety-five patients who recovered, hysterectomy was done on twenty, only once by the vaginal route alone. The method preferred was supra- vaginal cleocin 600 mg amputation without drainage. Nine of cleocin tablets the hysterectomies were for malignant disease, and the combined vaginal and abdominal route was here preferred. A primary operation was done for acute or chronic appendicitis in eleven per cent., but taken altogether the appendix was removed in thirty-three per cent, of cleocin suspension all abdominal operations. The method preferred was described. Suspen- sion of the uterus was done but once as an inde- pendent operation. The six cases of ruptured uterine gestation sac were variously treated, and all the patients recovered. In the twelve cases of fibroma of the uterus, cleocin t acne all were treated by hys- cleocin oral terectomy except one, cleocin suppositories in which myomectomy was performed. There was buy cleocin t no mortality. The ques- tions of drainage and abdominal wound closure were referred to. Within a corresponding period 114 minor operations were done, some of them combined. In sixty-eight per cent, of the cases requiring a perineal operation, the anterior va- ginal wall was also repaired by the flap excision method. A Contribution to the Efficiency of Plastic Operations in the Vagina. — Dr. Barton Cooke Hirst said that in 1,358 perineorrhaphies. 303 an- terior colporrhaphies, 625 operations on the cer- vix, and 86 operations for total prolapse, among 1,582 patients, the following lessons cleocin cream acne had been learned : A more frequent injury of the cleocin cost pelvic floor than laceration of the levator ani muscle was laceration and order cleocin online retraction of the transversus perinasi muscle, often associated with injury of the triangular liga-

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