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Extension of membrane 1 Bronchopneumonia, enteritis, and sepsis 1 Bronchopneumonia and nephritis 1 No complication 1 12 Stomatitis 1 11 14 Order Lithium Carbonate Online Gross amount of antitorine administered. 584,000 units : average dose, 7,500 to 20,000 units. For three months in 1903. out of a Generic Lithium Carbonate total of 361 cases, pharyngeal and intubated, there were 76 deaths, or about 21 Eskalith Er per cent., under small doses of antitoxine. For Eskalith Cr 450 four months in 1904 there were 469 cases, 66 deaths, or about 14 Eskalith Cr per cent., large doses used. EESnME OF CASES EEFOETED FROM THE HOSPITAL. July, Lithium Carbonate Buy August, and September, Number. Died. Tonsillar and pharyngeal. .. 292 34 Tube cases 69 42 July. August, September, and October, 1904 Tonsillar find pharyngeal. . .254 Tube cases 115 Purchase Lithium Carbonate CASE REPORTS. HOSPITAL SERIES. KIXD ASSISTANCE OF DR. CHARLES J. LARKEY. Case I. — Sam- uel L., aged 3 years ; admitted "October isth; ill three days. Gen- eral condition, fair; local, exu- Buy Lithium Carbonate Online date on both ton- sils ; nasal Lithium Eskalith exu- date; complica- tions, none ; bac- teriological, nose, throat. October 1 8th, given soft diet; throat en- tirely Eskalith 450 Mg clear of membrane ; Octo- ber 19th, allowed out of bed. Case II. — George P., aged yyi years ; admit- ted October 15th; ill two days. General condition. fair; local, Buy Eskalith no exudate visible in throat; nasal exudate; complications, none; bacteriological, nose, throat. There was a serosanguineous dis- charge from both nostrils. Patient was allowed out of bed October 22nd. Oct. 15 Lithium Carbonate Online 16 17 IS 19 Fahr. AM. PM. AM. PM -102°: Buy Lithium Carbonate

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