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2«. g«. gs. Levaquin 750 gs. Levofloxacin 500 gs. gs. gs. gs. D^>c 1 11 1 II II \ 1 1 Case ."i. Levaquin Online — Nathan M.. laryngeal diphtheria. Intubated upon ad- mission, October 10th; antltoxine, 6,000 units; 11th, 4,000 units. On the 12tb, tube removed. Reintubated twenty minutes later. On the 14th, tube removed. On 500 Mg Levaquin the 16tb, constipation. Case V.— Na- than M,, 6 years old; admitted Buy Cheap Levofloxacin Oc- tober loth ; ill two days. Buy Levofloxacin Gen- e r a 1 condition, poor; local, no exudate visible Buy Levofloxacin Online ; complication, croup. Dis- charged October 22nd. Case VI. — Au- gusta S., II Purchase Levaquin years old; admitted to the Willard Levaquin 500 Par- ker Hospital Sep- tember 27, 1904. The glands of the neck were swol- Cheap Levaquin len. The throat presented a large Levaquin Cheap yellowish gray pseudom e mbrane which completely covered the Buy Levaquin pharynx and ton- sils and extended upwards, involv- ing the hard pal- Levaquin Buy ate. The temper- Levaquin Levofloxacin ature was 102.6° on admission, pulse 108. This child Levofloxacin Levaquin received lo,- 000 units of antitoxine Levaquin Mg on admission. The temper- ature on the following day was ioi°, pulse lOO. The condition of the throat was about the same. She then received 5,000 units, and on the third Levaquin 750 Mg day another injection of 5,000 units. The mem- brane commenced to Levofloxacin 500 Mg exfoliate on the second day after the injection. On the fourth day the throat showed a general clearing up. The disease was Levaquin 500 Mg arrested by this dose of antitoxine. No compli-

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