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(2) The following inherent conditions of im- portance were discovered when the tumors were removed: (i) order periactin online Serious broad ligament order periactin extension in 19 cases, or 9.5 per cent. ; (2) serious adhesions to soft parts in 8 cases, or 4 per cent.; (3) cystic de- generation of the tumor in 8 cases, or 4 per cent. buy cyproheptadine online ; (4) myxomatous degeneration in 30 cases, or 14 per cent.; (5) calcareous infiltration of the tumor in 6 cases, or 3 per cent. ; (6) deep suppuration of the tumor in 2 cases, or i per cent. ; (7) carcinoma of the body of the uterus complicating the tumor cyproheptadine 4mg in 3 cases, or 1.5 per cent.; (8) sarcoma complicating the tumor in 2 cases, or i purchase periactin per cent. ; (9) senile en- dometritis giving rise to severe symptoms after the menopause occurred in 3 cases, or 1.5 per cent.; (10) suppurative endometritis was a complication in 5 cases, or 2.5 per cent. ; (11) submucous projec- tion of fibroid centres which produced serious symp- toms occurred in 11 cases, or 5.5 per cent; (12) necrosis of the centre of the tumor occurred in 3 cases, or in 1.5 per periactin price cent. b. Accessory conditions depending on buy periactin uk or com- plicating the fibroids were the following : ( i ) Pyo- I2l8 MARTIN: FIBROID TUMORS OF UTERUS. salpinx (double) in 20 cases, or 10 per cent.; (2) pyosalpinx buy cyproheptadine buy cheap cyproheptadine (single) in 5 cases, or 2.5 per cent. ; (3) liydrosalpinx in 6 cases, or 3 per cent. ; (4) cystic ovaries (double) in 7 cases, or 3.5 per cent; (5) malignant adenocystoma of the ovaries in i case, or 0.5 per cent. ; (6) parovarian cysts in 5 cases, or 2.5 per cent. ; (7) dermoid cysts of the periactin uk ovary in 5 cases, or 2.5 per cent. ; (8) large adenocystomas in 7 cases, or 3.5 per cent. ; (9) hematoma in the left broad ligament in 4 cases, cyproheptadine 4 mg and in the right broad ligament in 3 cases, making a total of 7 cases, or 3.5 per cent. ; ( 10) varicose veins in the broad liga- ments in 5 cases, or 2.5 per cent.; (11) extensive intestinal buy periactin adhesions in 8 cases, or 4 per cent. ; serious and chronic intestinal obstruction from tumor pres- sure in 7 periactin online cases, cheap periactin or 3.5 per cent.; (13) acute intes- tinal obstruction cyproheptadine hydrochloride from pressure in 2 cases, or i per cent. ; ( 14) serious pressure symptoms in 13 cases, or 7.5 per cent.; (15) appendicitis in 6 cases, or periactin buy online 3 per cent. ; (16) extrauterine pregnancy in 2 cases, or I per cent. ; ( 17) pregnancy complicating large sub- peritoneal fibroids, in which tumors were removed and pregnancies allowed to go to term, 3 cases, or 1.5 per cent. ; (18) tuberculous peritonitis complicat- ing the tumor in 3 cases, or 1.5 per cent.; (19) dilated ureters from obstruction caused by tumor pressure in 2 cases, or i per periactin 4 mg cent.; (20) hydrone- phrosis (large size) from tumor pressure, in 2 cases, or i per cent. 2. The 1,188 cases collected by Noble, including cases operated in by A. iMartin, Noble, Culling- worth, Frederick Scharlieb, and a series reported by Hunner and by McDonald, to which I add my own 200 cases, give a grand total of 1,388 analyzed cases, in which the complications were as follows : Carcinoma of the corpus uteri 32 Epithelioma of the cervix uteri 13 Epithelioroatous infiltration of the fibroid tumor arising from adenocarcinoma of the corpus uteri by metapiasia 1 Sarcoma 04 Chorioepithelioma ;> Myxomatous degeneration 74 Cystic degeneration 4S buy cheap periactin ffidem.T of tumor j 1 Calcareous infiltration of tumor 30 Necrosis of tumor 70 Twisted pedicle, pedunculated tumor ^ Intraligamentous development of order cyproheptadine fibroid 53 Subvesical development of flliroid 2 Hyalire degeneration of tumor 611 Hyaline degeneration and calcareous infiltration 8 Adenomyom.i g Haemorrhagic degeneration of tumor 10

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