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Wednesday, and Friday evenings from 8 to 9. cheap silagra PHILADELPHIA. Marriages.- — Dr. E. Forest Bickel, of Shamo- kin. Pa., and Miss Florence Simons were married on June silagra cipla 7th. Dr. Mervyn Ross Taylor and Miss Jeannette Reilly were married on June 7th. Dr. Howard R. Faringer, of ]\Iount Holly, N. generic silagra J., and Miss Gertrude E. Leopold were mar- ried on June 8th. Scientific Society buy silagra uk Meetings for silagra tablet the Week End- ing June 24th. — Tuesday, June 20th, Dermatolog- ical Society. Wednesday, June 21st, Philadel- phia County Medical Society (business meeting for members only) : Association of Clinical As- sistants, Wills Hospital. Thursday. June 22nd, Pathological Society ; Entomological Section, Academy of Natural Sciences. Friday, June 23rd, Northern Medical Association. The Annual Meeting of the Botanical Society of Pennsylvania was held in Biological Hall. Uni- versity of Pennsylvania, on June 3rd. Among the collections exhibited was one from Arizona by Mrs. W. F. Ladds, silagra price one of drugs used by the Indians by Dr. L. Rosa Minoka, and one from Santa Barbara, Cal., silagra 50 mg by Miss ilartha B. Shoe- maker. Dr. Adolph W. Miller presided at the meetings. The Health of the City. — The following cases rif transmissible diseases were reported to the Ilureau of Health for the week ending June 3, i(j05: Cases. Deaths. Typhoid fever 130 13 Scarlet fever 53 1 Chiorder silagra population of 1.438,318, corresponding to an annual silagra 100 mg death rate of cheapest silagra 16.20 per 1,000 population. The total in- fant mortality was 98; under one year, 80; be- tween one and two years, 18. There were 39 still births, 24 males and 15 females. The tem- peratures were not excessively high ; the maxi- mum recorded by the weather bureau was 82° on June 17. 1905.] NEJVS ITEMS. silagra online 1235 the 29th. There were thunderstorms buy silagra on JMay 28th, JNIay 30th, and June 2nd. Tlie total precipi- purchase silagra tation order silagra online was 0.71 inch. Charitable Bequests. — -By the will of Miss Caroline Stevenson, who died on June 4th, the Presbyterian Home for Widows and Single ^^'omen in the State of Pennsj-lvania receives $ and the Presbyterian Orphana,s:e $5,000. The thirty-eighth anniversary of the Metho- dist Episcopal Home for the Aged, at Belmont and Edgeley Avenues, was held on June 8th. Three thousand dollars were received in dona- tions and as the proceeds of a sale held on the grounds. ^liss Eliza \\'ood has donated $10,000 to the Home of the Merciful Saviour for Crippled Chil- dren for the endowment of two buy cheap silagra beds.

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