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who then seeks new fields suprax cefixime tablets to conquer in the shape of other aspiring and struggling young practi- tioners. Once the young physician has begun to progress, actually or presumably, as the case may be, he be- gins to be besieged by men who have easy money schemes. These schemes involve simply suprax generation the backing of the promoters' ideas with the victim's money. It is strange that the doctor cannot comprehend the situation, yet he rarely does. The doctor is not victimized quite so easily as he once was, for if there has been any change at all, it must be in the direction of improvement — there order suprax was no room for buy suprax online retrogression. It is necessarj- to make the bait a little more glittering than before. The wily one approaches us now with a scheme for planting cofTee beans purchase suprax on the top of Popocatapetl. and reaping gold dollars at the rate of a hundred a bean. We might be a little suspicious of this, but we find upon suprax injections the list of directors — perhaps occupying high offices on the company's tempting paper — one or more January 21, 1905.] EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 133 physicians of high suprax tablets standing. At the head of the subscription Hst appears the name of Professor So- and-so, suprax cefixime a distinguished physician or surgeon, who has just suprax 400 mg tablet subscribed ( ?) to five or ten thousand dollars or more of the company's stock. We are antibiotic suprax instructed to call the professor up by telephone and receive full particulars. We do so, and suprax antibiotics are assured by him that " it is really a shame to sell any of that stock, as the insiders want it all, but just to oblige Dr. Easy Mark and a few others of the professor's friends the company has consented, after consider- able pressure, to sacrifice a small amount." Of course, the distinguished professor confirms the report that he has some stock in the company. He does not state, however, that he was one of the original promoters, nor that the amount of outlay which he has made in the purchase of his stock might be inserted in a mosquito's eye and kept therein for an unlimited time without reddening the conjunctiva suprax 100 of that diminutive insect. It is high time that the physician awoke to a realization of certain suprax antibiotic for children fundamental facts of finance. I will briefly present several of the most important of them. 1. TJie man who has a profitable mining, land, or agricultural scheme to finance is not compelled to go into the office buildings buy suprax of our cities or to the modest dwellings of our country practitioners and look up doctors for the purpose of inducing them to invest their suprax injection hard-earned dollars. Had I a really excellent mining or other scheme to promote, I think I could spend my time much more profitably among capitalists than among doctors or other professional men. The amount of unused capital in America that is lying in wait for judicious and profitable investment is so great that even the fools should be able to understand the situation. 2. The legal rate pf interest is established by our suprax mg general financial and commercial conditions. This legal rate is suposed to be a safe rate, yet our men of great wealth, when they desire to make invest- ments, buy government bonds, the interest upon which is about half the usual legal rate of interest. They do this because they consider the bonds the only investment which is absolutely safe. This is a hint that the physician who has a few hard-earned dollars which he is tempted to invest in wild cat schemes would do well to remember. 3. The most important point is this : With every one per cent, of interest promised above the legal rate, the suprax 400mg danger compounds. The difference in safety between an investment which promises five or six per cent, and one which, it is alleged, promises ten per cent, is something staggering. 4. It is well to remember that most of the men who have lost money in speculation have generic suprax done it while " backing another man's game." The pro- fessional gambler considers this a very dangerous practice. As he expresses it, " something always goes to the ' kitty,' " whose remorseless maw will inevitably break the outsider if he plays the game long enough. The little commission suprax cefixime 400 mg charged for turning deals on the stock exchange or grain mar- ket is the equivalent of the amount that is paid to the " kitty " in a gambling game. This amount, trivial as it is, constitutes terrific odds against thf

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