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patients subjected to the treatment recorded. Recurrent Effusion into the Knee Generic Name For Toprol Joint After In- jury, with Especial Reference to Internal De- rangement, commonly called Slipped Cartilage. An Analysis of Toprol Xl Vs Metoprolol 750 Cases. A Clinical Lecture delivered at St. George's Hospital, by Sir Wil- liam Bennett, K. C. V. O., F. R. C. S., Senior Surgeon to St. George's Hospital, etc. With Eleven Metoprolol Vs Toprol Xl Illustrations. Reprinted, after revision, from the Lancet. London: Longmans, Green, &, Co.. 1905. Pp. 29. This lecture, which was published in the Lancet last January, is a consideration of 750 cases of recurrent effusion into Toprol Xl Vs Metoprolol Tartrate the knee joint caused by injury Is Toprol A Beta Blocker or constitutional conditions. So extensive an experience is unusual. Where Toprol Xl Generic Equivalent an operation was needed to remedy defective power of movement or to relieve pain, the author has never found the transpatellar operation necessary, the lateral longi- tudinal incision being sufficient to give access to the joint. The Toprol Xl Beta Blocker result in all but two of the cases was perfect. * » » Hlisrcllann. Primary Metoprolol Tartrate Vs Toprol Xl Lesion of the Tonsil. — The extra- genital primary lesion almost always presents difficulties in diagnosis to the trained dermatolo- gist, ever on the alert to the suspicion of syph- ilis, and becomes especially grave for the patient and his or her surroundings when the lesion is upon the tonsil where the practitioner either Toprol Xl Coupon ig- June 17. 1905 MISCELLA.XV— OFFICIAL XEIVS. 1247 nores Cost Of Toprol Xl the possibility of syphilis or where, as in the case described by Dr. D. W. Montgomery in his paper in this issue (Journal of Cutaneous Dis- Generic Name For Toprol Xl eases, for May, 1905), a benign staphylococcic in- fection of the tonsil simulated a chmcre. That among extragenital lesions an initial lesion of the tonsil is not rare is shown by the statistics of Neumann^ who reports ten cases of chancre of the tonsil out of a total of 207 cases of extrageni- tal infection. Neumann's obser\-ations extended over the period 1880 to 1901, and during this time 4,634 cases of primary lesions were treated. The writer has observed two cases of chancre of the tonsil in hospital and dispensary practice. One case, in a young girl, Toprol Xl Generic Recall had been operated in two weeks before and the satellite grouo of en- hrged cervical glands had been removed under the wrong diagnosis of tuberculous glands of the Toprol Xl Generic Name neck. The other case was in a man convalescent from typhoid fever in a hospital who presented a chan- cre of the left tonsil, general adenopathy, and a mac'ilopapular syphilide. ]\Iethods of infection in the two c:ises were not ascertainable. Mncent's angina is another condition which may cause doubt in diagnosis, and it must be re- membered that Toprol Xl Vs Generic the finding of the fusiform bacilli and spirochsetas of \'incent does not exclude the presence of syphilis, as we have observed in three cases, two of women and one of a man. all Toprol Xl 50 Mg Recall of whom Is Toprol Xl A Beta Blocker presented thick, dark brown patches on the ton- sils, in which a microscopical examination re- vealed the presence of \'incent's bacilli and spiro- chxtae, while other well marked signs of syphilis were present. Diphtheria, of course, is to be considered in Generic For Toprol Xl the diagnosis, and while cultures would furnish positive evidence, the coexistence of syphilis must be kept in mind also, as the writer has had under treatment a physician who became inoculated upon the index finger with syphilis while insert- Toprol Xl 100 Mg ing an intubation tube into the larynx of a child suiTering with both diseases. G. Nobl.- after calling attention to the great resemblance between syphilitic lesions of the mucous membranes and mucous processes of other setiology, such as catarrhal angina, follicular inflammation, ulcerative changes, acute Toprol Generic Equivalent strepto- coccic infections, mercurialization, ulceromem- branous affections, \'incent's angina, aphthous patches, etc., records two cases of primary lesions

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