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THOMAS H. MANLEY, M. D.. OF NEW YORK. The fact that such an uncommonly robust man as Dr. Manle}' should have died at a compara- tively early age will come as a surprise to our readers. They will recall his Purchase Zantac ardent enthusiasm in the pursuit of professional investigation, Zantac Mg his devotion to the improvement of surgery, and the assiduity with which he recorded the results of his observations. His loyalty to the best inter- 300 Mg Zantac ests of the profession, Order Zantac always directed along the most ethical paths, will long be remembered, and it will serve as a stimulus to many a young man in need of encouragement. Society Meetings for the Coming Week : MoND.AY, January ssrd. — Medical Society of the County of New York; Lawrence, Mass., Medical Club (private) ; Cambridge. Mass., Society for Medical Zantac 150mg Improvement ; Baltimore Medical Association. TuESD.w, January 24th. — Metropolitan Medical Society, New York (private) ; Buffalo Academy of Medicine (Section in (Obstetrics and Gynsecologj-) ; Richmond, Va.. .'\cademy of Medicine and Surgery; New York Medical Union (private). Wepxesp.w. January 2yt!i. — New York .\cademy of Medi- cine (Section in Laryngologj' and Rhinologj) ; New York Pathological Society ; New York Surgical So- ciety : New York Dermatological Society (private); .American Microscopical Society of the City of New York; Philadelphia County Medical Society; Auburn, N. Y.. Zantac Coupon City Medical Association ; Berkshire, Mass., Dis- trict Medical Society (Pittsfield). Thcrsd.w. January 26th. — New York Academy of Medi- cine (Section in Obstetrics and Gynaecology) ; New York Orthopredic Zantac 75 Mg Society; Brooklyn Pathological So- ciety; BrookljTi Society for Neurology; Roxbury, Mass.. Society for Medical Improvement (private) ; Pathological Society of Philadelphia ; Church Hill Medical Society Zantac 300 Mg of Richmond, Va. ; New York Celtic Medical Society. Friday, January 2/th. — New York Clinical Society (pri- Zantac 150 Mg vate) ; New York Society of German Physicians; Yorkville Medical Association, New York (private) ; Philadelphia Clinical Society; Philadelphia Laryngo- ' logical Society. S.^TURD.w, January 28th. — New York Medical Buy Zantac Online and Surgical Cheap Zantac Society (private; annual); Harvard Medical Society, New York (private). NEW YORK. Infectious Diseases in New York: lie arc indebted to the Bureau of Records of Zantac Buy the Health Department for the following statement of neiv cases and Order Zantac Online deaths reported for the two weeks ending January 12, igo^: January 7. January 12. Cases. Deaths. Cases. Deaths. Measles 122 11 Online Zantac 189 6 Diphtheria and croup 300 45 307 43 Scarlet fever 227 22 281 17 Smallpo.x . . 3 Chickenpox 138 . . 202 Tuberculosis 282 168 338 160 Typhoid fever 47 11 56 S Cerebrospinal meningitis 24 .. 26 1.116 281 1,376 261 Increasing Work of the Morgue. — Over bodies were received at the New York Morgue Where To Buy Zantac in 1904. In 1903 about 8,000 bodies were cared for, while in 1902 the number was only about 5,000 Testimonial to Dr. Sheil. — Members of the medical st^ff connected with the health depart- ment of the Bronx have presented a beautiful loving cup to Dr. Gerald Sheil, assistant sanitary inspector for Zantac 150 the borough, in appreciation of his courteous Zantac Online treatment of those under his direction. The Purchase Zantac Online Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hos- pital. — Plans for the new home for the Manhat- tan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, which is esti- mated to cost $()00,ooo, have been filed. The building is to be a nine story fireproof Buy Zantac structure, containing every modern convenience, with two wings equipped with sun parlors. It will be

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