I should have never lent you that 45, I guess my lesson is not to lend
There’s a big needle going over the line and for a time you have a friend
But stone cold silence in the room means the record is at its end
You’re turning it over so many times
It’s never going back into its sleeve again
There’s two sides to every story but it seems like you’ve got ten
When I get no letters, it’s the Cairo blues you send

Cairo, Cairo
Cairo is my baby’s home
Women in Cairo, Cairo
Sure don’t dance alone

Every time you get lonesome you go and fill yourself to the brink
Find yourself a man in a suit and tie who’ll introduce you to what he drinks
He’s answering your questions funny now so you’ll wonder how he thinks
He sees his reflection in your skin, you’re gonna see yours in the hotel sinks
Staring back, the Cairo blues it never blinks

Thin winter trees looking like railings for the sky
I got my bare hands in my coat pockets, it’s so cold that I could cry
When I see that forest falling, all I hear is firewood
Crackling louder than that record ever could
But it don’t drown out those Cairo blues for good