Minor chords and major arcana
Little leather jacket and a black bandana
Kicking over trashcans and telling jokes in Atlanta
When I got the fever, it hit me like a fan
On the back of my hand I don’t know who I am
But I’m free for nothing good for nothing too
Crazy to dream and still crazy about you
Take a look at me now
Reparations now are coming my way
Dues that I’ve recollected that I’ve never paid
In the stained glass windows I feel the presence
But that don’t mean I’m done with repentance
Gonna find another way to climb out of this basement
Gonna find out what that smile on your face meant
Like a thief that you borrow, take hold of me, take flight
I wanna do your bidding and steal away in the night
Take a look at me nowHeart’s on fire and so is the page
Everybody around me is telling me to act my age
Things are only revealed in the light that is given
Oh, to be freed from the pardon when all else is forgiven
Rain outside’s blowing in the curtain
Nothing is revealed but nothing is for certain
As I recall you were drinking from the sanctuary wine
Well, don’t worry baby we’ll find all of our lost time
Take a look at me now

I remember you were standing holding your rosary beads
Everyone around here seems to think he knows what he needs
Seven ugly reasons kept me away from you then
Nothing is much weaker than the resolve of most men

I remember when we was alone in your room
Staring out your window we knew you’d be going soon
And I was so young babe I hope you knew that I meant well
And when I looked in your eyes I thought I knew you could tell
Now I’m blown back from the cemetery gates
You whom I loved dearly now I must wait
To be reunited in the sky when it opens
Well my feet are so tired baby but my spirit ain’t broken
Take a look at me now