Well, the windows fogged up and the world it did freeze
With its restless passerby in the cold nighttime breeze
The violins dug in and one tear I cry
My ears were ringing when we stepped outside
Your sweat sweetly mixed with the sea salt air
Oh, I was glad when we decided to get out of there
And looking down the avenue
I could see the ocean so clear
You said there’s only one cure for that ringing I hear

You were talking so close I could see and feel your breath
You smiled and told me that cure was death
You were always pretty clever, much more than you’d let on
Your kind of thinking was dead on
It takes two to tango, it took one to teach
You were in my arms but you were out of reach
And the windows fogged up and outside we did freeze
Amongst the restless passerby in the cold nighttime breeze

Every now and again when I go out at night
I pass by some stranger who asks for a light
And her handwriting it don’t match up to yours
She don’t hang her shirts off the edge of her drawers
You said that all lamps are lit by one kind of fire
But in some kinds of light I just can’t call you a liar
And in the wine bottle bars and in the late night dawn
I often wonder which side of the glass you’re now on