You don’t belong here, it’s your broken heart I hear
Please don’t stand there, with your wrists and your ankles bare

The moon’s behind the mountains, sun’s beneath the sea
A cloud that’s crazy, you commit to memory

Day in, day out, stay in, stay out
You’ll see me
Day in, day out, stay in stay out
You’ll be free

Please don’t fall apart, it won’t stop once it starts
Don’t follow me down, you can’t turn things around

I saw you in the morning, you weren’t wearing shoes
This town isn’t so small, if you play you can’t lose
Your timing, or your lover, but quick you’d better choose
Or else start thinking of some excuse

And how without knowing, can you just go by chance
The young ones pulled together, a¬†harmonica’s silver trance
Its echo is not a shadow, it casts a second glance
While the wind outside is blowing,¬†but it don’t dance

Go on, eat your heart out, pull it up a chair
Go on, go and ask it, if the queen is ever there
When you know deep down inside, you shouldn’t even care,
But you saw her in the morning, and her feet were bare