For years I’ve been working
And traveling alone
I eat out in restaurants
Where men wear cologne
Recognized as a stranger
Every place that I went
Sometimes I just close my eyes
And begin my descent

I’ll swim in the ocean
When the water is high
And I’ll find your bracelet
I just have to try
And the sky is so open
And the wind’s heading south
Sometimes I just close my eyes
And put my hand on my mouth

One time in a castle
With turrets aglow
I cast incantations
So carnations will grow
And I heard you were worried
From a shell by the sea
Sometimes I just I just close my eyes
So you don’t worry about me

When you’re lost in the meadows
You just have to stand
And I looked for the farmhouse
It was covered in sand
And the fire of the moonlight
Made everything white
I just had to close my eyes
And dream it one night

In the classroom the children
Gather their hands
They’re dancing to some chanson
From some ancient land
And they’re spinning in circles
And the spirits they weep
I’m just gonna close my eyes
Rest is as good as sleep